Sederma’s Apiscalp? - Award Winning Green/Sustainable Active at PCHi 2018

Sederma, leader in the creation and production of active ingredients, and part of Croda International, has just been awarded in China with the PCHi Fountain Award for Green/Sustainable Active Ingredient for Apiscalp™, its eco-designed product dedicated to scalp purity and comfort.

“The sustainability aspects are taken into consideration at the very earliest stage of a new active ingredient development, in line with our internal CSR policy. Sederma is proud to offer high tech active ingredients with proven efficacy that also contribute to the preservation of our planet thanks to low-impact production modes and responsible sourcing.” said Olga Gracioso, Sederma’s Marketing Director.

Apiscalp™ is a natural extract of Apium graveolens (Celery) seeds obtained by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, an eco-designed process. Supercritical fluid extraction, using carbon dioxide as a solvent, provides an excellent alternative to the use of chemical solvents for the extraction of lipophilic compounds. This production mode offers high purity molecules (no residual solvents), requires less energy (low extraction temperature for molecule preservation) and less “solvent” (CO2 is recycled) compared to classical extraction.

Gracioso added: “This award is a fantastic recognition of our commitment in combining innovation and reduction of our impacts on Humans and the Environment”. Indeed, thanks to its targeted mechanism of action, Apiscalp™ helps fight against dandruff, itching, dryness and hyperseborrhea to provide beauty and comfort to both oily scalp and dry scalp.

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About Sederma
Founded in 1964, Sederma became a member of the Croda International Group in 1997. Sederma is dedicated to the development of active ingredients and in the creation of innovative concepts for cosmetics, based on the mastery of biotechnology, fine chemistry and vegetal extraction. Sederma has developed a unique range of actives with substantiated efficacy for facial skin care, body care, sun care, hair care and men’s care. With the acquisition of the company Istituto di Ricerche Biotecnologiche (IRB) by Croda, Sederma is now also offering an array of plant stem cell ingredients with guaranteed efficacy, reproducibility and absolute sustainability.